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How to Inspire More Productive Meetings in Des Moines

Inspire your employees for higher production rates at your next meeting in Iowa. Corporate gatherings rely on more than just an agenda and require the extra step in being able to host an event that motivates attendees. Take our advice on how you can share your vision with your peers and learn how to have a productive meeting in Des Moines!
As time goes by, modern companies believe in switching up the way they work with their employees in order to increase productivity. Workplaces are encouraging more meetings to be motivational, in order to convey that hard work won't go unnoticed. Here's a refreshing change from the ordinary & some quick tips on how you can encourage more productive gatherings in Des Moines, Iowa...

Tips for a Productive Meeting

  • Start with an activity - Beginning the meeting with a light hearted activity helps employees momentarily relax before an intense agenda. It also encourages better communication between peers. Whether it's an icebreaker question or solving a riddle, choose to open your meeting with an activity for better productivity results.
  • Reward announcement - Being recognized for hard work is a feeling that's undeniably motivating. When companies begin publicizing internal achievements, employees have the space to keep performing. Offering incentives for meeting or exceeding expectations gives your peers an interesting goal to work towards!
  • Use visuals - Scientific studies show that agendas with a lot of imagery had more levels of attentiveness than meetings that preferred a verbal approach. Allowing visual mediums during a presentation gives your peers to shift their focus between the speaker and a screen. Not only does this make communication easier, it also helps retain information better.
  • No smart devices - Today most corporate professionals find it easier to quickly jot down meeting notes on their laptop or phone. Unfortunately, information retained drastically reduces when working on a laptop while attending a meeting. It eats through valuable time that could be spent listening. Ask attendees to keep their devices away and this allows them to focus more on the agenda.
  • Think out of the box - Change things up in your next meeting by innovating creative methods to keep your invitees attentive. Have your peers standing in a huddle formation or even better, hold the meeting outside of the workplace. This can prevent meetings from going the conventional route!

Meeting Venues in Des Moines, IA

Escape from formalities and plan your meeting out of the office. At the Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel, our professional meeting staff anticipates your event needs and handles the smallest of details. Plan your inspiring corporate gathering today and utilize over 12,000 square feet to the best of your abilities, and watch as productivity rates soar!